English Camp Canceled

That night at Church I did everything within me to hold in the tears of disappointment. I found out that all the hard work that Tui, Jennie, and I had done seemed to just demolish to nothing and it was devastating. We made an itinerary for three days for this English Camp we were going to have. We filled the days from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. full of games, sports, shows, and encouraging messages. How could the University just cancel?

The D-Pungya (Wisdom) Foundation works with RBAC (an university) and they do an English Camp every year together. It just so happened it wasn’t in their budget for the year 2019. They tried everything they could do to still hold it, that’s why they contacted us so late in having to cancel. Obviously being two days before the American Team departs from America, they are already coming for this English Camp. That’s when we pray.

Pastor Ben (also an English professor at RBAC) asked if we could have the English Camp at Bible Church Thailand. They gladly gave us permission but the next thing we needed was the money. We figured out with all the food and air con it would cost $1,200 to hold it. Not having the money, we planned and invited 60 English major students and hoped God would provide the rest.

OPG didn’t want to alarm the American team in this transition for we still were having the English Camp, it was just in a different location. After the team arrived in Thailand, we explained to them the situation. My friend, Emily who was on the trip, pulled out a wad of Baht (Thai money) and said her Church raised $1,200 for this trip when it was needed! Now tell me how that isn’t God. Like WOW!! Praise God!!!

Thank the Lord for Emily’s Church for we were still able to have the English Camp. Because of their obedience in sacrifice of giving, each student heard the Gospel!!

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