English Camp – Be2Make – 2019

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English Camp – Be2Make – 2019

English Camp was amazing!!! So this was my first one to actually attend and organize this big! I have helped with two in the past in Thailand. Maybe you remember reading it in my blog that the last one’s theme was, “I Am Free”. The theme for this camp was, “Be2Make – Be the Difference to Make the Difference.”

Being that it was at the Church, we were in very tight quarters so some things changed around. In the end, all the planning and hard work that Tui, Jennie, and I did paid off.

Each American was in charge of a small group that was colored coordinated into a team. I made packets for each small group full of games, questions, worksheets and a story. I’d say the most fun we had was when each team put on a show at the end!

God works everything out for His good and since it was at the Church, we were able to share the Gospel with every single one of them. We did the Salvation bracelets and explained what each color meant step by step. I’m thankful that back in December, I felt God tell me to go buy and pack a ton of these and we used them all! Some of the students in my team were Muslims and wouldn’t wear them. I told them that was ok and they didn’t have to.

Seeing the students post on Facebook about the English camp after it was over was encouraging. So many showed in their stories their bracelets saying, “Thank you, Jesus.” That makes it all worth it right there! The seeds were planted, doors were opened, and now I am continuing to do Bible studies with some of the same students, and one of them is even the Muslim student who was in my group!

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