Lions and TIGERS and Bears – Oh My!

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears – Oh My!

I would say getting to pet an overgrown kitty cat (aka a Tiger) was a pretty cool highlight of this missions trip! It wasn’t something on my bucket list because I never even thought of it as a thing.

As I go up to the counter to pay to pet one, I chose what they said would be the most playful one. “Most playful one” my foot!! That thing was going to eat me!

I went with some of my friends from the trip which was kind of cool because we got to experience it together. It was nice of the petting zoo to allow us to take as many photos as we wanted on our cell phones.

When I sat down by the pool that the tiger was in, I started petting it and smiling for the camera. The tiger turned his head to look behind him (at me) and his eyes focused in.

“I know that look!” I thought to myself.

“My cat, Snickers, does the same thing when she’s about to pounce or catch her prey.”

As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I looked up at the tiger keeper (whatever you want to call him) and asked,

“Why is he looking at me like that?”

The guy stepped forward and slapped the tiger’s head several times saying,

“No! No! She no chicken!”

“Ok. I’m done.” I said, as I jumped up to go look at the sleeping tiger. (Haha)

It was an amazing experience and my friend Alora caught like twenty different facial expressions of mine. Apparently I have a lot of facial expressions from this experience to say the least.

For your information, the most playful tigers are the most deadly tigers. I can’t wait for next year though because I am definitely choosing the newborn tigers!!

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