Lad Phrao Hospital

Well now that I have told you all about my experience in the jungle hospital, I have now experienced the hospital in Bangkok. I’ll let you know that the thermometer just swiped my forehead instead of me putting it into my mouth…I’m not a fan of hospitals and I always try to avoid doctor visits at all costs because they are expensive. (No pun intended) But mainly because they make you stand on the scale.

On August 17, last Saturday night, some members of Bible Church Thailand met up at Central World to go watch a play about Jesus’ life. It was absolutely incredible seeing all the Thai and Chinese faces watch Christ’s story with such longing and desire. They were so into it. I pray their hearts and lives will forever be changed as they heard the Gospel that night.

Before the play we all ate dinner at the food court. Lately I’ve been intermediate fasting but I wasn’t going to pass up some Indian food because I love Indian food…but maybe I should have. Apparently that Indian food didn’t love me for I woke up at 5:00 that morning throwing it all up and much more. When I’m sick, I’m pretty stubborn and just want to sleep and be left alone.

Of all times to be out of water, I was completely out. I knew there was a little shop by my apartment to buy some and I was just praying to make it there. At 1:00 pm, I forced myself to get out of bed only to find out they were closed. I really contemplated on crying but knew it wouldn’t do me any good. So I started to walk across the intersection to 7/11 for some water. I just kept praying I could cross the street because sometimes I will wait fifteen minutes just to cross and today I didn’t have the strength or patience for that. After I bought my water, I hurried out the door just to throw up again.

By 2:00 pm I was just miserable. P’Pan called me from Church and said she was on her way to bring me to the the hospital and I didn’t even argue. It took over an hour to get to the hospital. (Weird fact: Because traffic is so bad, I hear that most taxi drivers are supposed to be certified to deliver babies.)

When we arrived, they put me in a wheelchair and pushed me around everywhere. It was quite embarrassing to ride for I didn’t feel like I was completely dying but I’m glad they did because I didn’t have a lot of strength. What I loved was that the nurses’ uniforms look like the picture above. They still dress in old-fashioned uniforms, skirts that are neatly pressed, and caps or hair bows. The whole process and even the smell of the Hospital was just like America’s only we didn’t have to wait so long.

Thank God that I’ve been taking Thai classes for I knew some of the questions they were asking and able to answer back in Thai. The nurses didn’t speak English but the Doctor I had did. I got food poisoning which equals a stomach infection, so he put me on an antibiotic and different medications. I’ve been pretty much out of it and behind in all my work. It’s now August 20 here, so I will be returning to teach my college classes tomorrow. Please pray for a clean mind tomorrow and that I’m able to teach.

Thank you all who are praying for me, messaged me, and made sure I was ok. I feel so loved by each and every one of you even though I’m clear across the world. I’m truly blessed that this is my first time getting sick from food here! All Glory to God!

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