College at RBAC

Teaching College this month at RBAC has been a true joy!! And a busy schedule. So we do Bible studies every week with students that are available, but this is done outside of the classroom on campus and at church. But this month, I’ve actually been in the classroom. My first day, I had over seventy students. That was a pretty crazy night for I had 1st-4th year in one room. I have now been specifically working with first year students and there’s around twenty to thirty. I’ve grown really close with them. Being that it’s their first year of college, this makes me happy for it makes it even more possible to build longer relationships with them.

Last week some of students couldn’t wait to sing “Walking in the Light of God” and “Deep Down Down”. They actually asked if we could sing them!! I want two things to sink in here.

Number One. They are excited and wanted to sing Christian songs!

Number Two. What college students in America would be thrilled to sing an action song that my elementary students back home love to sing? (taps on microphone) Did you hear that? These are college students!! Doing action songs in front of all of their friends like it’s the best thing in the world. It cracks me up and sometimes I even have to swallow my adulthood pride and dance like no one is watching.

Teaching college is something I never saw myself doing – like ever. I have never even been to college myself and yet here I am teaching it. I honestly still get nervous before each class and I have a pep talk with myself of how I’m literally volunteering…so I have nothing to be nervous about right? (Haha) And it’s all for the glory of God!! My team – Jennie, Nice, and Tui, always prays together before we walk in that the students will see the Light of Christ in us.

To all the long nights of studying, it’s worth it. To all the long days creating PowerPoint presentations, it’s worth it. To all the long nights of helping them with their homework, it’s worth it. Because these students are worth it. These relationships are worth it. Their souls are worth it.

This is such an amazing opportunity that I’m so blessed to be doing.

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