Meet น่ารัก – my cute little bundle of fluff!

Her name pronounced in English is NaaRak = so cute, lovely, adorable.

Ever since I got to Bangkok, I’ve been wanting a kitten in my apartment with me for I’ve always had a cat growing up. When I got back from America in July, I just really wanted one to not feel so alone. I told my friend Stamp I wanted a little, fluffy, gray kitten that was a girl. One of her friend’s cats was pregnant and she said she would let me know if she had a gray one.

I got a message a week later that her cat had a little, fluffy, gray girl. So I patiently had to wait, and I now have my น่ารัก! She will be six weeks old tomorrow! She’s a purebred Asian Persian and she only understands the Thai language so I’m working with her on learning the word “no” in English.

So far she loves to play in the litter box. She prances around everywhere. She likes to get into everything! Apparently my apartment isn’t kitty proof. I’m practically covered in dust for she can get into places I can’t reach, more like under my bed. She loves to sit by my neck and purr so sweetly…then wakes up to attack my face.

I’m thankful for my friend, Stamp, and her boyfriend, Boom, who found this precious kitten and drove me to visit her and get her today!

NaaRak and I are going to have some good times together. She looks scared in the picture because of the traffic noise outside my apartment.

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