Thailand – The Land of Smiles

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Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Thailand is named “The Land of Smiles” mainly so tourists would want to visit. Not just because Thai people smile, but also because there are a lot of things to make you smile: the beautiful waters, islands, mountains, animals, and food. Thailand is an amazing country to visit.

Some days I smile, shaking my head, thinking to myself, “Only in Thailand would this happen.”

-A man who made a hammock in the back of his truck bed to take naps in during work.

-Dogs that always sleep in front of the doors at 7/11’s for AirCon.

-People literally pushing people to get on skytrains hoping the doors will close shut without getting stuck in them.

-Ice cream served in a hotdog bun with soft sweet corn kernels.

-Men and women walk around with umbrellas open even if it’s not raining so they won’t get too dark from the sun.

-Most Thai restaurants are outside on plastic chairs and tables with tin roofs or tarps.

-Seeing a pile of shoes outside of a building sometimes catches me off guard.

-People don’t have a problem literally driving all over the road in whatever direction they please.

-Before every movie at the Theater, everyone stands up out of respect for the King as the Thailand’s National Anthem is played.

-Fashion is huge here but at the same time they don’t match a lot of their clothes.

-On every street you will see people riding bikes selling lottery tickets for a living.

-It amazes me how there are huge twelve story malls then next to them are shacks.

-It’s normal to see people walk around with masks on if they have a cold or because of pollution.

-You can literally buy your dinner at any street corner with the choices of fish & pork balls, squid on a stick, fruit with chili sugar, and papaya salad.

Most days I smile though because I think and know, “Only God can provide for me to be here in ‘The Land of Smiles’.”

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