Monsoon Season

It’s been raining like crazy here in Thailand for the past few weeks, like really heavy raining.

It would be a beautiful day, blue skies and white clouds, so why bring an umbrella to school right? Out of no where it would just start pouring. It’s not fun sitting in an AC room soaked. The only time I wish for no AirCon. (Haha) You would think I would learn my lesson by now but this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

After a very long Sunday (blog coming soon on that) I got home and barely made it inside before the storm came crashing down. I wondered if there could be a hurricane because the winds were so strong.

I was sleeping hard on Monday morning when there was pounding on a door at 7:00 am. After realizing it was my door, I panicked thinking there must be a fire. When I got to my door, I realized why the security guard was banging on it. I was standing in water – in my apartment!! I had about 2 inches in my kitchen/living room area and then there was 4 inches out in the hallway.

I just can’t believe the rain was that heavy that it came under my balcony door! There was so much water that my drain pipe was all clogged up and so was my neighbors.

I immediately called P’Pan so she could call the office to let them know water was in my room. I just stared at my room wanting to cry. Like really? This just happened to me 2 weeks ago with my AC leaking and everything in my bedroom got wet. Now it’s my other room. I felt the tears coming on – then I stopped myself. Things could be a lot worse. Like a whole lot worse. People up north that I have met have lost all of their rice crops because there’s been too much rain. I only lost a few things that can be replaced. I only missed a few hours of sleep when I could have lost my food to eat. Instead I thank God that this is all that happened to me.

I started picking everything up and putting what I could in my bath tub for everything was just soaked: my chair, lamp, table, rugs, bookcase, broom. Two of the ladies who work at the apartments came and helped me sweep it all out onto my deck. “Now what will they do with the hallway?” I thought. I watched as they took their towels, let it soak up the water, and then squeezed it into the buckets. This is going to take forever to do it this way but we had no place to sweep the water to. So I grabbed a towel and began helping them. We got the hallway as dry as we could in an hour. And you know what? My quads hurt. I need to get back to doing more lunges. (Haha)

So it’s been a little crazy this morning for me but please be in prayer for the people who lost their food, their work, and their homes. I don’t know how they do this year after year.

*Yes, I do have a FaceBook rug from the famous Thailand Market – Chatuchak Market.

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