Failure & Victory

I love blogging, but time gets lost amongst all my daily tasks. I don’t get to blog as often as I would like. Then on top of that…fear creeps in. When people started telling me they loved my blogs I was very thankful for you never know what people actually think or if they are even reading them.

But I also started getting nervous to where sometimes I would second guess everything.

“Is this even good enough?”

“Does this sound stupid?”

“Would anyone really relate?”

“Should I really post that?”

The reason why I love blogging is because it’s such a fun way to communicate to everyone! I feel connected back home to people I love, people who support me, people who pray for me, and new friends I’ve never even met yet! I want people to feel a part of my journey as I do theirs. I love getting feed back from people – it means so much to me so please don’t get me wrong; keep it coming!!

My friend Lyndsi shared a quote from a song, “You’ll have every failure, God. You’ll have every victory.” And what she wrote has really stood out to me. She said, “We tend to only give God what we consider a victory but we need to hand over our failures for that’s what they are for – to give over to the Lord.”

I’ve been having a hard time with this for I only feel like I can offer up to God the good stuff. I only want to give Him credit for what I think looks beautiful when in reality He made me. He made you. He wants all of me. He wants all of you. Not just the victories, but the failures too.

I want to make everything perfect, presentable, and just right – then I want to give it over to the Lord. I want to make my life good enough then He can have me instead of Him taking me and making what He wants me to be.

Then God reminded me of Mary and Martha. They had a brother named Lazarus. When he died, Martha blamed Jesus for what could have been a victory but instead there was nothing but failure for now her only brother was dead. Jesus first had to get Mary and Martha to hand over their failure, hand over their fear, hand over their lost hope, hand over their hurt, hand over their sorrow, and hand over their doubt before He could do anything with it. When Mary and Martha surrendered their lives of saying that Jesus will get the glory for everything for He is the Messiah – that failure, those lifeless bones, their brother, came alive!!!

It’s in our weakness, when we humble ourselves; He is strong. So if there’s anything you want to hand over to God, go ahead and do that today. He will take our failures, our ashes, our disasters and turn it into a beautiful victory whatever way that might look like to Him.

Dear Lord,

Starting today You will have every failure and every victory in my life. Nothing is going to hold me down or hold me back from trying to serve You. Even if it looks like, sounds like, or feels like a total flop – I’ll give You all the praise and glory. I’ll try my best to daily serve and honor You in all I do. Thank you Lord for being in control of my life! Everything belongs to You!!

P.S. This is one of the places where I enjoy writing my blogs – Amazon coffee shops! Also when I’m in line at the MRT station (underground sky train) and late night talks with the Lord. ❤️

One Reply to “Failure & Victory”

  1. Don’t ever stop writing, unless the Lord tells you to. But I’ve not known of Him ever taking back a gift, yet. 🤗. I love reading your posts because I can identify with much that you say; and I am called to write, also. (I write what I hear stirring in my spirit to encourage others, but it is also therapy for my soul.) Your willingness to share your ❤️ encourages me.


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