My Momma got to Visit Thailand

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My Momma got to Visit Thailand

I was super excited my Momma got to come visit me in Thailand! I know I’m super blessed that my Daddy and younger brother, Matthew, got to come in the spring, and now my Momma got to come this fall! I feel very spoiled and blessed beyond measure for I know a lot of parents don’t get to visit their children in other countries.

I know I talk a lot about Thailand but it’s not the same until you experience it for yourself. I’m glad my Momma was able to see my heart and why I love what I do. I loved getting to show her the places I have described, what I experience everyday, to putting all the names to the faces I have talked about. I’m so glad that she got to experience my life in a week and of course the time just didn’t slow down when she was here either.

This is also the reason why I haven’t been able to post on my blog! My Momma got to come with the first OPG Women’s Team! So I got to help co-lead this Women’s Trip with Sara who is the Public Relations Officer of OPG. What an incredible group of Women who came that I am so thankful for! We couldn’t have asked the Lord for a better team or more perfect weather. Even though it was very hot, I was just thankful it never rained on us.

This week, I will explain some of what we all did in my blogs and some of the adventures we had together!

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