Mayor of Bangkok

As the American and Thai team all piled into the taxi van to head to the Mayor’s Office, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was speaking and presenting all the different ministries that International Bible Church Thailand does. I made a presentation with pictures of all the Ministries we are currently involved in.

So to try to explain this a little better – International Bible Church Thailand (IBCT) also has another ministry called, “The D-Punya Foundation” which is translated, “The Wisdom Foundation”. This is affiliated with the the government to not see it as a church, we enter the schools under this Foundation.

We are currently volunteering at:

“Rattana Bundit University” (RBAC)

“Sripatum University” (SPU)

“Thep Witthaya School” (Elementary School)

“Mae Ork Palroo School” (North of Thailand where the second Wisdom Foundation Office is located)

“Mu Aye Pu School” (in Myanmar – the Karen State, the new school that’s being built)

“Community 47” (the poor children in the community)

“English is Easy Service on Sunday” (at IBCT)

“English Preparatory School” (this is coming soon on the Church property)

“English Camps” (held throughout the year)

It was quite difficult talking about these ministries since it all had to be translated. I didn’t even get to finish my speech, to wrap it up, or for it to make sense, can you believe that? Me, not getting to finish talking? (Haha) Even though the American Team didn’t really know what was going on, it was very important for IBCT to show that we had a good group of Americans that come to Thailand on Mission’s Trips.

Because of this meeting, after the OPG team went back to America on Sunday night, that Monday morning the Mayor (the one in the white jacket) and all the officers came to IBCT. They wanted to have another meeting and to take pictures of the Church and see the new school being built. Praise God!

The Mayor of Bangkok wants to work with the Church to better the community of Thailand which is a huge blessing and favor on IBCT’s part for more doors to be open in the future.

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