Ayutthaya, Elephants, Dragon, and a Cheap Market

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Ayutthaya, Elephants, Dragon, and a Cheap Market

After we had the meeting with the Mayor, we went to Ayutthaya – the ancient city that used to be the capital of Bangkok. (I wrote about this city earlier in a different blog.)

We got to walk around and sight see the historic city of Thailand. I think what was so sad about this day was seeing so many young boys with their heads shaved, consecrating part of their lives to serve as Monks. They are so young and this is what they’ve been told to do but yet it won’t satisfy them.

After the city, we went to ride the elephants! There was even a baby elephant there that was just the cutest thing, and yet huge! I didn’t think I would be scared of it until I went to stand by it for some pictures. I could feel it shift it’s weight and it was just heavy! It was literally so cute though and very well trained. It could dance, bow, and even smile! It’s funny that they love eating cucumbers. (I taught the kids in school that in America the elephants love eating peanuts and they said no, monkeys eat peanuts.)

Out of the whole team, only Rochelle rode an elephant and then Emily and I rode one together. It definitely was a neat experience having the elephant walking on the road with cars driving by! When we got back from riding, we all saw a Komodo Dragon in it’s natural habitant. It was huge and pretty cool watching it stick it’s tongue out…and thankfully walking in the opposite direction of us.

Next we went to this market and I feel like we were the only ones there which I’m not used to for Bangkok is so crowded. It was the cheapest market I’ve ever been to in all of Thailand and I want to go back! I think the ladies really enjoyed everything!

We couldn’t have asked the Lord for a better fun filled day of experiencing Thailand! Even though it was hot, it didn’t pour down rain on us nor did we get stuck in traffic. Those are huge miracles in itself in Thailand and I know that has everything to do with prayer!

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