Elementary School – Christ in Every Home

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Elementary School – Christ in Every Home

I couldn’t wait for this day!! This is the place I look forward to going to every week – Thep Wittaya. I love the children here, the school is a great place, and the people are wonderful. I literally would do this every day if I could.

Before we went to teach, the Principal welcomed everyone into the only room in the school that has air-con. We sat around the table and they served us each a cashew cookie and Chrysanthemum Tea. The tea was very sweet with honey in it and after a while I actually liked it! (This is Thai culture by welcoming guests giving them some type of food with drink.)

Now to teach! Sara planned for everyone to teach on the Christmas Story! Kristine bought books for everyone to have to teach in their classrooms. Everyone put Smarties (a candy they do not have in Thailand) into their Santa hats and went off to their classrooms!

It was a very hot, fun filled two hours we had teaching! We did songs, games, the Bible story, and a fun craft. The children were just beyond excited to have us there spending time with them!

What really hit us though is that night during our devotions Sara said, “Now every child we taught today went home hearing the name of Jesus; probably even for the first time. Every child now has a Nativity ornament in their home.”

Jesus is now there!! They heard His name. They spoke His name. They don’t know it, but the seeds have been planted! All glory to God! It’s so important that we get Jesus into the homes of these people.

What a blessed day to be able to spread the Gospel in a Buddhist School!

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