Fish are Friends – Not Food

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Fish are Friends – Not Food

This is a very important motto I live by. (I’m joking, but not really.) So after we taught at the Elementary School, that night we went to the Pier to eat dinner.

We were walking past a fish tank where you put your legs in and all the little fishies swim over to you. Sounds cute enough. But then they attach themselves to you and eat all the dead skin off of your legs and feet. I’ve always wanted to try something like this, but I’ve never been able to, so since we were there and I wasn’t alone I thought, “Why not try it for fun?!” Rochelle was already doing it! (She’s on the left.)

Boy, was I wrong. I hate swimming in water where I can feel something squishy underneath me aka fish and seaweed. This was like a million times worse! I couldn’t help but to keep kicking the fish away. I did everything within me not to scream and rip the bench apart.

So I suffered for the Lord for two minutes and got out because I couldn’t handle it! Goodness. If anybody wants to try it, I say go for it! It feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before or ever will afterwards. (Haha)

In Thailand, it’s super cheap to try this and I advise not to spend a fortune someplace else incase you don’t like it. Fish are fish. They like to eat any type of skin. They just won’t be eating mine.

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