Be Thankful for Seasons

Fall is my favorite season and here it is upon us already!

Someone asked me here in Thailand why we have “seasonal” colors in America and what does that really mean. I went on to explain how during Christmas we like things to be green and red, spring all pastels, summer bright and cheery, and in the fall we like dark oranges, reds, greens, and yellows. She was amazed how we have “seasonal” colors and I explained how it’s fun to decorate your house according to seasons. I then realized that Thailand doesn’t have seasons like we do in America. We have winter, spring, summer, fall, and repeat. They have hot, hotter, and hottest season then monsoon season half a year.

This makes me very thankful for America and it’s seasons. Even if you live in AZ where it looks like a desert, you will still find at Walmart seasonal things. In Thailand even decorating your home isn’t a thing. They are very practical. You just need a bed and a toilet. Some of them have buckets for showers and don’t even have kitchen sinks. Life is just different.

I’m sad I’m missing the fall season for it’s my absolute favorite time of the year! SWEATER WEATHER with cute hats, scarves, pumpkin spice everything, boots, and bon fires. (I’m such your typical American girl.) Fall is such a season full of change. But in life, I don’t look forward to change that I can’t control. If I want it to change, I’ll let life know and then expect it to happen. Doesn’t work that way though, does it? Fall comes every year no matter if we try to stop it or not. It’s part of life. When we look around and see the beauty of fall, it lets us know how lovely it is to let dead thinks go.

I have learned that there is beauty in every season. God has designed each of the four seasons, though each one is different, they all do work together to bring new life and growth. Even if we don’t see it happening at the moment, God is always at work. Sometimes winter brings hardships, but we remain hopeful for we know another spring is just around the corner. Just as it is with seasons of nature, each season we go through in life will always bring God’s perfect will for each and every one of our lives.

So today, be thankful for something we take for granted so easily in America – seasons! They are fun to experience every year, some more than others. So in life, whether you’re going through change or hardships, you can be hopeful that for sure your spring is coming!

*Side note: I thank the Lord for sending Iced Pumpkin Lattes to Starbucks so I can get some “fall” in the middle of 95 degree weather.

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