That October Night

October is the month I got saved and dedicated my life to the Lord! Best decision I could have ever made nineteen years ago!!

I know, I was only five years old. I was so young but I knew what I was doing. I made this decision on my very own.

It happened one October night. I was in the backseat of our white minivan, and I was looking up at the stars. I said, “If God can hold the stars in place, I want Him to hold my life.” I didn’t really know a whole lot about sin and bad things in this world, but I knew I wanted to give my heart to Jesus and live for Him. I knew that He was someone I could always talk to. He made me. He loved me. And I loved Him.

As I got out of the van, I was so excited to tell my Momma! I said, “Mommy, I talked to Jesus tonight!” She replied, “That’s good, Honey.” And that was the end of that. I thought to myself, “Everyone at Church always seems to be excited when someone talks to Jesus.” A few weeks later in Children’s Church my Momma (the best Children’s Church teacher ever) gave an invitation for salvation. I raised my hand and said, “I already did that! Remember? I told you I talked to Jesus!” My Momma then realized she missed it and the date. All we know it was sometime in October, so I just celebrate my Birthday in Christ all month!

I love Psalm 8:3-4 for I feel like it just fits my salvation story so perfectly. “When I look at the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?”

When I feel like my life is falling apart or I just want to know God is near, I look up at the stars and I’m reminded that He holds everything in place: the planets, the world, the stars, the oceans and my heart.

I know I don’t have a huge testimony of how God brought me out of an addiction, bondage, or immoral life style. This past mission trip Sara, our OPG leader, asked us this question in our devotions: “Where would we be if it weren’t for God’s grace?” I began to cry. I wouldn’t even be here.

It’s because of my parents serving Jesus that I am able to live out my dream for the Lord in this world that He has made. It’s because of them turning their lives over to the Lord, serving Him, that I am here today. If they didn’t surrender their hearts to the Lord, I just wouldn’t have been born. I was very blessed and am still blessed growing up in a Christian home. I know not many people can say that and that in itself is a testimony I’m so thankful for.

I’m thankful for Jesus hearing a little five year old girl, in the back of a minivan, giving her heart to Him that October night.

“If the stars were made to worship, so will I.”

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