You’re the God of this City

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You’re the God of this City

Proclaim His name where you are at!

I got to visit the Baiyoke Tower – Thailand’s tallest building! Pastor Wayne blessed Jennie and me with a meal so we ate it on the 75th floor! When we were done eating, we made our way up to the 85th floor to overlook the city of Bangkok. I was actually a little nervous because I’m not the best at heights, and my ears popped four times on the way up! The main reason why I was nervous though is I forgot to mention a minor detail – it was lightning all around us and we were covered in metal from the floor, railings, to ceiling!!!!! (Remain calm) I didn’t think this would be the most heroic way to die so I kept praying the lighting would miss the building that night.

So many people were up there on this little, circular walkway. It was cold for Bangkok, that’s for sure. It was also very windy and foggy, but yet breathtakingly beautiful. The whole city was lit up! Just staring at all the lights: some flickering, some not, some were cars moving slowly, and some were advertisement signs of different colors flashing so far away. As I was soaking it all in, this song I haven’t heard in a very long time came to my heart.

“You’re the God of this city.

You’re the King of these people.

You’re the Lord of this nation.

You’re the Light in this darkness.

You’re the Hope to the hopeless.

You’re the Peace to the restless.

There is no one like our God.”

There isn’t one God like Him. This is His city. He died for these people. He made this land. Even though this is a very dark country, He is the LIGHT. Even though it looks like these people have no hope, He is their HOPE. Even though these people turn to Buddha, yoga, and martial arts trying to gain their inner peace, He is their PEACE they are looking for.

So wherever you are today in this world, name it, proclaim it, that Jesus Christ is the True God over your city!! That one day these people we encounter everyday will receive His LIGHT, HOPE, and PEACE!

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