New School – Wisdom Prep School

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New School – Wisdom Prep School

Thanking God that today the new school opened! It’s amazing to have nothing here four months ago and now there’s a big building on top of the little container beside the Church. I got to meet the new teachers for this English School and they are so kind. I can’t wait to work with them! I’m thankful how the Lord let it all fall into place. I want to explain this school a little bit for IBCT (International Bible Church Thailand) has several different ministries.

The Wisdom Prep School is not to get confused with The Wisdom Foundation which has two offices – one in Bangkok and the other in Mae Sot. The Wisdom Foundation volunteers in Universities, Schools, and Communities doing outreach to help the district in wisdom by using English through God’s Word. Up north in Mae Sot, The Wisdom Foundation does the same thing except this is more in the jungle area along with feeding and helping the poor. The ministry also goes into the Karen State which crosses the border into Burma.

The new school building in the Karen State is called, “Mu Aye Pu School” which means wisdom as well in the Karen language. This is where Tui will be the school principal and teach the English and Thai language along with Bible. Tui also runs the Wisdom Foundation in Mae Sot and goes back there every weekend to teach the Buddhist children about Jesus.

The Wisdom Prep School is a business and isn’t affiliated with The Wisdom Foundation due to governmental laws. It’s a business owned by Pastor Ben who is the director of it. He runs this school with three main purposes.

1. He hopes to make some income to be able to support more of the ministry up north.

2. Since the school and activities are located beside/at the Church, we are hoping they will join the Church English Services.

3. We want to build relationships with them praying one day they will accept Christ.

Please be in prayer with me for these ministries! God is on the move providing for these to be built and we know Satan isn’t happy about these new doors being opened.

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