“Abide in Christ”

John 15:1-16 – IBCT Camp 2019

November 22-24th, 2019

I’m so blessed to be able to attend IBCT Church Camp called, “Abide in Christ”.

Sai, one of my college students, spent the weekend with me to attend this camp! It started on Friday night like a Church service with singing, prayer, and devotion. That night we were given an envelope to draw something that resembles you. I, of course, attempted to draw my kitten NaaRak along with my name in Thai. Sai (meaning sand in Thai) drew a sand timer at a beach. The next day we hung them up at the church, and we wrote encouraging messages to each other and put them in the envelopes.

On Saturday we were at the church from 9:00am till 10:00pm. It was quite fun being there together all day! We had a schedule of games and devotional classes along with services of singing and prayer throughout the day.

I was in charge of some games so my first game was the Ping Pong Ball Race! We got into teams and everyone had chopsticks. They had to stand in a line, pass the ping pong ball to each other using the chopsticks and the last person at the end of the line had to put it into the cup to win. If they dropped the ball, they had to restart at the beginning of the line. It was quite comical!

The second game I planned to be more spiritual. I picked Bible verses to go with the theme and took some words out. Jennie helped me print them on paper and we had the words up on tables. Women vs. Men, two people would run up and try to find the missing words in the scripture. Being that they don’t know a lot of English, it was good way for them to practice (they love English games) but also challenging for them as well. I loved that they really got into the game though!

The third game towards the end of the day was the M&M race. Women vs. Men again and there was a row of paper plates on the floor. They had to suck up the M&Ms with a straw in their mouth and pass it to the next plate until it reached the end of the line. Within four minutes, the women got 43 and the men got 47 M&Ms!!

Over all, I loved the two things we did at the end. P’Pan printed everyone’s picture out and we picked out a fruit cut out of paper. We had to write on the fruit what “fruit” we wanted to bear the following year of 2020 and give it over to the Lord.

At the end, we all raised our hands in prayer and we prayed for a long time interceding for ourselves and each other to grow in Christ.

What type of fruit do you want to see yourself bear next year?

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