Happy Thanksgiving

It’s always different when you’re not with your family on Thanksgiving. For four years in a row my family wasn’t together for Thanksgiving because my twin brother, Michael, was in the Marine Corps.

Two years ago, I actually was here, serving in Thailand during Thanksgiving as well. Looking back two years ago, IBCT didn’t even have a kitchen. We cooked our food behind the Church with just a gas cooker. This year we have a nicer gas cooker in an actual kitchen. God is so good providing our needs!

I do have to say it was extremely hot in the kitchen. It was at least over a hundred degrees and I was dripping sweat. Almost like back in the pilgrim days slaving over a fire was the feeling I was getting, except thank God I didn’t have to pluck a chicken.

This year I met an American/Thai teacher who will be teaching at the Wisdom Prep as well. He was pretty excited we were celebrating Thanksgiving so we decided to try to make it as American as possible with American food. We went to three stores looking for pumpkin pie or even the ingredients to make it but ended up with an apple pie. It’s funny that the apple sauce tastes like baby food here and so did the pie, but I was grateful for it and even more excited for the whipped cream!

At IBCT – the church members, teachers, and even some of my students came to celebrate and thank God for all He has done! They honestly might have come more for just the food (haha) but they now know why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I was thinking about this all day on Thanksgiving. “You honestly don’t realize what you have, until it’s gone.” Back in America, I had taken so much for granted. That’s something being on the mission field has helped me have a different perspective on.

I’m thankful for all of it. The highs. The lows. The blessings. The lessons. The setbacks. The comebacks. Everyone He has brought in and taken out. Everything. It all has a purpose. I truly thank God for my life.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

*The only picture I have of me on Thanksgiving is this one trying to carry everything I’m going to cook. Looks like I’m about to skip town. Now try carrying this on a motorcycle! Just kidding, I rode in a grab car!

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