Open Idol Worship

When the American Team was here, we went to the open idol worship. I didn’t even have the words to say. You think you’re prepared then it all just leaves you (happens daily to me haha) and all I could do was look around in disbelief. This is what I’m fighting against. It’s real. I can visually see it. I see it everyday. How can I even begin to make a difference?

This is when doubt just overwhelms me and I knew I had to stop it. The only way to stop doubt is by going to God. The way to go to God is through the power of prayer. I asked the mission team if we could pray and I’m honestly not good at speaking words out loud in prayer. So even though I stumble, even though I fall short, even though I’m not good enough, Christ’s blood is.

I started crying as we prayed because this is my heart. I feel this burden so heavily for these people, worshiping a golden image that does nothing for them.

Then we left and I was starting to feel depressed but I realized that’s what Paul meant when he says we need to walk by faith and not by sight. I see it so tangibly everyday, but it is these people who don’t see what’s coming soon! They are so blind to what is coming. As Christians we have this hope. Christ already conquered death. Where is its sting? He has already overcome every man made kingdom, every idol, every false prophet, and every wicked god. It may not look like it to us, but He has!!

There’s this song called “Tell Somebody” by Danny Gokey that has been stuck in my head these past few weeks and it goes like this:

“Dear Church, remember me? Cause you have something so beautiful, something that I need. You have something so beautiful. I wish you would have told me so come on and tell somebody about Jesus, and all the great things that He has done! Where would I be if He had not rescued me? Come on and tell somebody about Jesus.”

This. We have it!!! We have Jesus! We have the most precious gift anybody could ever want, what every person needs. It’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful we need to share Him with others! Jesus is the One that will put hope back on your face and a joy to live in your heart!

Be thankful today that we have this hope in Christ Jesus!! Don’t hide it. It’s beautiful. We need it. Others need it. Tell someone they can have hope too!

One Reply to “Open Idol Worship”

  1. It does sound overwhelming, viewing the enormity of such hopelessness. Yet among all those idol worshippers, there is at least one among the many whose heart has been prepared by the Lord to receive the words of life you carry, and the hope you have within. Look for the one. There is such joy and peace in knowing our Lord is able to do abundantly above all we can ask or think. I can hardly wait to read the book I believe you will write for the glory of God.


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