How Do We Share More of Jesus?

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How Do We Share More of Jesus?

To add to my last blog, I want to try and express more ways of how to share Jesus with others. I know…we can easily lists these points:

“I’m busier than this person, so they should share about Jesus instead of me.”

“I don’t even get out much.”

“I’m pretty sure all my friends are Christians or at least have heard about Jesus already.”

“I’m an extrovert so I know God wouldn’t want me to feel uncomfortable sharing about Him.”

“I don’t even know what to say or how to start a conversation about Jesus.”

I think we will all say we can at least check something off from the list above. I want to say the first thing is this – that if you’re excited about something and compassionate about something, it shows in how you talk about it. I’m not saying that if you don’t talk about Jesus in every single conversation, you’re not a Christian. That’s not at all what I’m in plying. BUT we do have a tendency to talk about what we know or do best.

Get to know God better! Read His Word. Every morning ask God to show you who He is and what He wants you to say throughout the day. I mean think about it…do we even share Jesus to one stranger a week? We come across a lot of people during the week depending on our jobs, hobbies, schedule etc. Just ONE person out of all those people we encounter really isn’t that big of a deal, but it could change their whole life!

But first, we need to be prepared! I have a confession to make. I wasn’t prepared. You think living on a mission field I would be, but I failed. I said earlier that I would give God the victories and failures and here I am with something I failed miserably at and I’m ashamed of it.

There’s this girl I passed by on the BTS skywalk begging for money. I felt God urge me to go tell her that He loved her. I didn’t. I got scared because when I get nervous my tones in speaking Thai get all out of whack. And there were hundreds of people walking elbow to elbow anyway. I also pushed it aside cause if I didn’t make it in time for the underground train I would have to stand in line for an hour not even including the time I knew I would already have to wait.

You know what? That’s the purpose of why I’m here in this world whether I’m in Thailand or in America or wherever I am – to share Christ. I know this girl lives in a Buddhist culture. She has probably never heard the name Jesus. She had to be old enough to be graduating from high-school. There are always four to five students standing outside of buildings with a bucket asking for money. But this girl, she was all alone. She was different from all the other students. You could tell this girl had been caught in a fire for her face was severely burned, but she is a survivor!

Her face won’t leave me and I feel ashamed for not doing what a Christian is called to do. I wrote out on a piece of paper in Thai Isaiah 43:1-3. I’m praying God will give me a second chance to see her to able to hand this piece of paper with words of hope on them for her. It’s just a piece of paper, but they are words of life and comfort to her situation.

Jesus said to “go” and we are always on the “go” with our lives, aren’t we? It’s not the first thing to do on our “to-do list” in the morning to tell somebody about the goodness of God – but we can change that!

Everyone around us is hurting and fighting some type of battle. Big or small – it’s still a battle. Start spreading Christ’s love by leaving scripture cards with your tip at the restaurant. Ask people if there is anything you want them to pray specifically for in their life. With this simple invitation, I guarantee you later on when they have a problem they will come to you knowing you will lift them up in prayer.

Lastly, if the Holy Spirit is nudging you to tell them about Him, just do it. Don’t wait and ignore it like I did. Don’t let fear creep in to stop you from sharing the most beautiful thing that we have. I’m ashamed of what I have done and pray that I can be a better example next time. Missed opportunities equal regrets for eternity.

Share more of Jesus!!

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