Home Visits in Mae Sot

I have to say doing the home visits is awkward for me and making me come out of my comfort zone. I do think it’s a culture thing too. In America we never walk up to someone’s house and basically walk in and ask if we can visit and pray with them. (Unless you’re Mormon.) It feels a little weird to me and slightly awkward and plus I don’t understand their language. Up North it’s a whole different dialect of Thai with some Karen and Burmese language mixed in. Not that I can speak a lot of Thai but at least I can sometimes follow part of the conversation.

Sitting there, on the hard slats of wood, I’m just taking it all in. We are talking in the dark with a single light bulb hanging overhead. These people are complete strangers to me and I’m complete strangers to them. Some men come to join us rolling their own weed to smoke, and sometimes we even smell their sewer underneath us as we pray. I have to say talking to women chewing betel nuts is quite distracting. They are red when chewed so it looks like their mouths are bleeding. It makes you realize these are tribal people and this is what tribal people do.

My favorite house visit was the last house for a lot of children followed us up the little mountain to this family’s house. Some of them were my students so of course they were tickled pink they were with us!! One little girl in particular just stuck to me like glue and refused to let me go. I wanted to adopt her but she had a family.

As I was climbing up one of the huts, holding her, I was ducking to enter the house and I stood up not realizing how short the entry way was – BAM! I hit my head with full force standing up. Everything went black for a few seconds and I was able to catch myself. I just thank God I didn’t fall backwards out of the hut. That would have been really bad.

I’ve honestly never been in so much pain in my life. I feel like someone was shaking me and pounding my head with a bat. I went to the hospital in Mae Sot to get something for the pain. When I got back to Bangkok, I got x-rays and a CT scan done. They said my brain was perfectly normal. (No one has ever told me that before so I laughed out loud when the Dr. told me. He didn’t find it humorous. Haha)

Through this experience of home visits, I thank God for bringing me more out of my comfort zone. I’m thankful for His safety of protecting my head. I’m thankful for the people who heard the Gospel. I’m thankful for the love I came to bring the children, but in return I received more love from them.

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