I’m Thankful for Mae Sot

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I’m Thankful for Mae Sot

Sometimes in life the negative things can be turned around to positive things. Instead of something being a problem, we can thank God for what we do have. So this is the list I made myself in Mae Sot and decided to share it. The things I struggled with, I turned around and thanked the Lord for the harder things to teach me to be content.


I’m thankful for water to take a shower with even though I scream like a little girl the whole time. It’s so hard for me scooping freezing cold water out of a bucket and purposely pouring it all over me. It makes me feel sick. (I’m a big baby. Haha)

I’m thankful for shoes to walk in and socks to wear with no holes in them as I see children running around without any shoes or with holes in their socks for that’s all they have.

I’m thankful for my frizzy hair for the weather is so hot and humid that there’s nothing I can possibly do with it but thank God that I have hair. (Such typical girl problems.)

I’m thankful to have noodles that taste like slimy grass when I know some children don’t have enough to eat that night. I could be eating pig’s blood soup and I’m not, so I’m thankful to be eating this instead.

I’m thankful I have a toilet even if it’s one of those “hole in the ground” toilets for sometimes it’s not fun going without one of those.

I’m thankful for all the annoying little ants, gnats, and mosquitoes everywhere because I’m thinking back about Corrie Ten Boom being thankful for fleas. If she can be thankful for fleas in the concentration camps, I can be thankful that all I have is just annoying, little insects that God created for a purpose. (If you’re wondering what that purpose is, it’s to teach me patience.)

I’m thankful for electricity. Something I never question when I’m home when I flip the switch is it going to come on. I know it will but here you plan your day with the sunlight you get.

I’m thankful for all the toys I was blessed with growing up when all I see these kids have are just a truck or maybe just a doll.

I’m thankful for clean water even though it’s hot from the heat for some people fetch their water from the streams and carry it in basins.


I’m thankful for this place, Mae Sot, to teach me that I have so very much and really don’t need any of it. Life has been given to us by God and it is what you make of it. I’m thankful that life is easier back in Bangkok, even though I look at Bangkok and say it’s easier to be back in America.

“Be content with what you have.” Hebrews 13:5

One Reply to “I’m Thankful for Mae Sot”

  1. Amen! His placement is the best place to be! And sometimes a difficult activity is done with a song of praise in the heart so that the mind does not focus on the activity! Just wait, when you return to the USA you will miss it all in a “funny” little way. I am thankful for you and your obedience to God and your openness to us. He is truely Good!


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