Christmas Is For Us

Lying awake in bed this fine Christmas morning, I can’t help but think how wonderful this day truly is. Not just because I’m with my family, but because of what it’s all about.

What was life like before Christmas? It used to be just an ordinary day like any other day. But Christmas is the day where it all started for us. This day was the beginning of hope for the nations.

God didn’t need to send His only Son on the earth to gain power to rule and reign over everyone. He was already God, already King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He didn’t need more, but He wanted more. He wanted us. Christmas is for us – to experience this beautiful amazing gift of life with a purpose. Christmas is about a baby – God in flesh – Jesus.

Living in a Buddhist country for a year has really opened my eyes to see how much our God really loves us. He’s the only God Who has made a way for us to have a relationship with Him. He’s the only God Who sent His Son to die for us. He’s the only God Who can forgive us from our sins and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness. He’s the only God Who gives our life a meaning and purpose to live on this earth.

Christmas is more to me than a day of celebrating Christ’s birth, but the birth of Him in our lives as well.

It’s our choice if we want to have these precious gifts that have been freely given to us in our hearts. Shepherds and Kings bowed that night at the manger for He is no respecter of persons. This is the kind of God I serve: Wonderful, Merciful, Loving Savior.

Today I’m so thankful that Christmas is for us to celebrate everyday of our lives.

*Merry Christmas from the Mauldin Family – Mark, Tina, Michael, Morgan, and Matthew!

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