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Some of you know and some of you may not know, but I’m excited to say I’ll be returning to Thailand in 2020!!

When I was six months into serving here in Thailand, I started praying about returning for half of the year from July through December in 2020. I didn’t say anything to anyone but that’s just the time the Lord laid on my heart. While praying about it, two Pastors mentioned it to me then Pastor Ben asked me to come back and be an English teacher at the new school for six months, at Wisdom Prep. I felt truly at peace about it and the Lord confirmed it in many ways, so I accepted the offer of returning to Thailand.

I honestly will be doing the exact same thing I have been doing all year but I will have way more classes of teaching at Wisdom Prep with Conversational English. I have already planned twenty lessons to try to get a head start when I come back but I know those won’t last long. I will be focused more on the students I have during the week which I’m grateful to build closer relationships with. I already have several interested in studying with me when I come back. I will be teaching at SPU as well for they already asked for me to come back as I have said previously in a blog.

When I was back in Bangkok, I started teaching on Saturday nights as well and I had a new boy join my class. After class the Father came up to me and asked if I remembered him. I honestly didn’t for a lot of Thai men look the same to me. (Haha) He told me that I took a grab taxi to Church one day because it was raining (I normally take a motorcycle) and I was telling him about the new school opening soon in the best Thai I knew how to speak. He said he remembered me being a kind person and wanted that type of teacher for his son. It truly melted my heart. I thank God that day it rained so I took a grab taxi. I thank God that out of the thousands of grab taxis, it was him that brought me and I was able to speak to him. I thank God I tried and did speak to him even though I get nervous speaking Thai. I thank God that he brought his son to Wisdom Prep to enroll in school.

That night in class his son, Corn, heard the Gospel and loved the class. Sometimes we have to realize that sprinkling kindness can go a long way even if you see the results months later.

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  1. That’s just wonderful! The Lord directs our steps, and chooses our transportation. And he touches hearts and lives with His kindness shown through his children.


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