“See You Soon” Party

My “See You Soon” party in Thailand was the best party I have ever had!!! It was definitely a bittersweet day.

All my friends and students were invited and we put on a “Thailand’s Got Talent” show!! My friends Ajan Sala and John were the judges of the show along with me. We ended up having 5 contestants in the show with singing, dancing, and acting. All of it had me laughing till it hurt except one song.

Turbo, who goes to the Church and is also one of my students, sang a song to me in Thai and then translated and sang some in English. The words were so meaningful and deep that he even began crying while singing it to me. Several other students got up and gave speeches that just made me cry. At the end I told them it wasn’t my funeral and I’m coming back. (Haha)

Ajan Sala’s speech (the Dean of SPU) touched me the most. I love this lady and she reminds me of my Dad’s mom so I call her my Thai Grandma! She began by saying that she has a lot of different teachers come in and out of her college of all religions. She respects all religions but she said, “Morgan – we are mostly Buddhist. You are a Christian. Because of you we know Jesus came and died on the cross. We know that now. You are Jesus’ ambassador in SPU. You brought Him into our school and showed us by example what it means to forgive and love everyone. You never say no when I ask you to do something and you always do it so willingly. Your smile and life are such a light for your religion. We can’t wait to have you back next year in 2020.”

Tears started rolling down my face and then everyone started clapping. I felt like with the words she said, that’s what I came to do. I wanted them to see Jesus.

I closed the party with a video I made about Thailand, shared the Gospel with them one more time, and ended with a speech I wrote but spoke it in Thai.

Being that I was sick all week from the concussion and flu, I thank God that night it seemed like I wasn’t sick at all and I felt like myself. I know the Lord did that so I could enjoy my night with everyone.

*This is a picture of me with Ajan Sala at my party.

2 Replies to ““See You Soon” Party”

  1. I’m sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room in tears!! What a beautiful testimony!! I’m sure you’ve planted many seeds in the hearts of those people and who knows you may see the reaping of the fruit as well! God bless you Morgan. You are such an inspiration! ♥️


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