Getting to South Africa

I have now been in South Africa for a week and a half! Time honestly flies. I came over with my boss, Pastor Wayne, who is here visiting his family.

It has been quite an adventure getting here to experience this country! We first traveled by the Greyhound bus from Columbus to Chicago. When we arrived, we were able to find the underground train called “Blue Line.” So we walked a couple of blocks and it took us right to the airport! Thank God because the Uber would have cost us an arm and a leg…a couple of hours in traffic…and maybe a heavy suitcase on our laps. The Blue Line amazed me in itself how run down it is compared to Thailand’s MRT. I could barely fit onto the escalator and I could even jump in front of the train if I wanted to! There was no railing. But overall, we were super thankful to find it to take us to our next destination.

Our flight stopped at Munich, Germany so now I can at least say I’ve been to Germany. (It kind of counts right? Haha) I ate a very German meal at the airport – hot lamb with a side of cold potato salad. It was good and my first time eating lamb but Pastor Wayne was in heaven for sure! Haha

Leaving my house Thursday morning and not arriving in South Africa until Saturday at 9:00 a.m. – I believe that roughly equals out to forty-two hours of traveling. My legs have never been that swollen before and I was just beat.

Sister Annalie (a Pastor here in South Africa) picked us up from the airport and took us to Pastor Wayne’s parents’ house. Mr. Nicky and Mrs. Sara are the sweetest couple ever! They had a hot meal ready for us when we arrived at noon. I’m not talking about just any hot meal, it was like a Thanksgiving feast! These people sure can cook up a good roast and potatoes!

The main reason why I’m here in South Africa will be announced in about a week…and I’m super excited to tell you all the details!! My stay here in SA to begin this project for OPG is made possible by Pastor Wayne and his family – I’m truly thankful for them!

A lot more to be announced of what has been taking place here and learning the ministries! I’m excited about what the Lord is doing!

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