Ministry Through Movement

Ministry Through Movement is the organization that Pastor Annalie started here in South Africa back in 1994. Through this ministry, there are now three important branches planted and growing.

1. Pine Ridge = 1st Church / Preschool

2. Klarinet = 2nd Church / Preschool / Soup Kitchen (serves in six different locations)

3. Shamwari4Jesus = 3rd Church / Preschool / Aftercare

It’s amazing to see how all of these churches and preschools operate and work together in the community!

My first day on observing the ministry all started riding with Sister Suzette, a lady who works for MTM. I survived the car ride with a lot of prayer. There is a lot of people who walk in SA due to the fact that they don’t have a vehicle. Let’s just say that I don’t put that much faith into my brakes when I drive. Haha

The first preschool we visited was Klarinet! I got to sit down with the children and eat breakfast with them. They were having some type of porridge. It wasn’t bad compared to spicy Thai food, but the complete opposite because it didn’t have much flavor.

I absolutely loved getting to spend time with these children!! But they are quite different from my Thai children. Sitting down to eat with them, it instantly made me one of them and next thing I knew I was on the floor with all of them on top of me! Laughing and wrestling, I realized I had to just get up from off the ground or I would be down there for hours.

I started off the school day going over the alphabet with them and how to write it correctly. After a while they all just wanted me to hold their hand and write it out for them! Such stinkers! Haha We then sang some English Christian songs that Sister Suzette has been working with them on. Talk about cuteness overload when they dance in a circle, stomping their feet, and clapping their hands putting their souls into the words.

Klarinet is also the soup kitchen that cooks for all the other preschools’ lunches Monday thru Friday. Sister Suzette distributes the food to all of these locations for the children to eat faithfully everyday.

What a blessing that these children are fed daily physically and spiritually!

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