Staying with the Cullen Family

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Staying with the Cullen Family

I want everyone to know that I’m completely safe in South Africa! I know that was a main concern from a lot of people which is thoughtful, but I’m staying with Pastor Wayne’s Sister – the Cullen Family.

They are so hospitable and sweet. I can’t imagine my life without knowing them now. They live in a nice neighborhood that’s gated and you have to have your finger print scanned to get through! How cool is that?

I just love getting to spend time with Gavin, who is 15, and Abby, who is 12. They live on a golf course so we went out for a ride after church which was quite lekker! (In Afrikaans if you say you enjoy something you say the word sounding like “lauquor.”)

While we were out, Abby and I went into some fields to pick flowers before sunset. I’m not sure if I’m allergic to something out in the grass or the dust from the roads, but the next evening I came down with a cold and terrible sinuses. After a few days of it and going to the doctor for an antibiotic, I’m thankful that I’m all better now!

I just thank God for this sweet family allowing me to stay here in their home, crashing in on their family time, feeding me, paying for all my other expenses, and taking care of me while I’m here in South Africa. I’m so very thankful and blessed.

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