The Story of How I Died…Almost

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The Story of How I Died…Almost

Last weekend was so much fun! I got to take off with the Cullen Family and Pastor Wayne for a weekend of camping, swimming, zip-lining, and hiking. Or what I thought would be an American definition of hiking…or even Morgan’s definition of hiking.

When the word “hiking” comes into my mind it isn’t that bad. Walking on a shaded path with trees, a cool breeze, a stream of water on the side of the path somewhere taking some pictures, and then you’re about done in two hours.

So that Saturday morning I was woken up to get ready and go for a hike in two minutes. No problem for vacation means no makeup or hair fixing anyway right? Haha Well I grabbed my backpack and camera, a small bottle of water which is about half the size of an American Dasani bottle and we take off.

We take off into the unknown is what we did alright. We went in search of this waterfall which was on the black & white map they gave us at the service desk. Mind you, this was not an American hike but a South African hike which are total opposites, which also means the sun is different here too. There was no shade, just a path of red dirt. When an hour passed, and we kept going straight, I just kept thinking, “We keep going straight. That means that at some point we are going to have to walk all of this back.” After I said this, hiking turned into mountain climbing…on rocks.

I know God called me to Thailand in a rice field but the only thing I wanted to do in this South African field was get out of it. Haha I wasn’t feeling very spiritual but I have realized…”Narrow is the way that leads to life and there are a few that find it…” well there wasn’t even anything alive on this narrow path…and that narrow path almost killed us but we made it victoriously. LOL So don’t give up!

The hike ended up being four hours long…seven miles…up and down this mountain three different times. We weren’t lost but I have to say it felt like it sometimes. Haha Yes, we did end up finding the waterfall and that was the coldest water I’ve ever jumped in! I can scream just thinking about it! But thank God we found it for it really cooled us off to finish the hike and find our way back.

So since I survived, I am now officially OPG staff for I have hiked the hills of South Africa! Thankful for the opportunity to prove myself even though I legit looked and sounded like I was dying, I’m able to type out and say on this blog that I didn’t.

It was a much needed fun few days to relax for sure! I’m completely sore…and burnt. Haha I again thank God for the Cullen family and that they have welcomed me into their family to join them on these fun adventures and making memories of almost dying but living. A fun time for sure!!

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