Adventures with Opie G

So a lot of you have asked what the surprise was that I’m going to announce. (And no I’m not moving to another country! haha)

What I wanted to share with all of you is – The Meerkat Project!!

One Plus God is going to have a Meerkat named Opie G (get it – OPG!) He travels the world on mission trips to learn about cultural experiences, fun facts, and different ministries! More importantly, we want to let children know that they can get involved in missions – locally and globally.

I want children to be aware of how other children live and how they can make an impact themselves in their own community being Missions Minded – every day, everywhere. Someday, the children reading these books will go on a trip and experience it for themselves!

I’m so excited and blessed to be working on this project! The reason why I’m here in South Africa is to start writing these children’s books and gather information for Opie G to experience and learn.

Lord willing, Opie G will have gone to all the places that One Plus God does which is part of the reason of why I’m going to Jamaica and Papua, Indonesia this year in 2020. So I’m asking for prayer for a few things.

1. That the Lord help me write these books. I want them to inspire children to grow deeper in the Lord.

2. That the money will be raised for this project as we will launch it at the beginning of next year.

3. That God’s hand just be in all of it as we continue to build this new project.

As of right now, Opie G is on a great adventure here in South Africa!

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