The Blood of The Lamb

Being that today is Good Friday we are reminded of the greatest sacrifice ever given to mankind – Jesus Christ.

I saw a scripture today, John 1:29, and it immediately brought me back to a special Easter for me that happened nine years ago.

“Behold, the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world.”

That’s when I gave my first message at 16. Sitting here today, I just can’t believe it’s been that long but I remember it like it was yesterday.

God gave me a vision in a dream of the rapture. How glorious and beautiful it was! There was nothing like it. There were huge dark gray clouds coming down from Heaven so low, and blood filled the sky. There was a loud trumpet and a loud voice that rang out all over the earth, “Behold!! The Blood of the Lamb, Who takes away the sin of the world!” And there He was. Jesus. Coming down in all of His glory, shining like nothing I’ve ever seen. He was too bright to even look upon, but before we could even realize what was happening we were taken up in the air to go meet our King.

After I awoke from this dream, God’s presence was so thick and real in my room all I could do was weep. It’s like I could reach out and touch Him.

This vision, as beautiful and indescribable as it is, will happen. No one knows the day or hour but Jesus is coming back and it’s very soon.

I felt like sharing this today in remembrance of what happened and what is to come.

Christ is coming back for His bride without spot or wrinkle. I’m so thankful for His blood that gives me strength from day to day!

I pray you all have a blessed Good Friday.

*This is the picture I drew of it nine years ago. I can’t draw to save my life. (Haha) As dark as it seems, it is a beautiful picture of True Sacrifice. One day I hope to have it in a painting…but I honestly can’t wait to witness it in person.

One Reply to “The Blood of The Lamb”

  1. Morgan I love you dearly I am so proud to be your Granny. You inspire me so much I sit here weeping because your the most spiritual person in my life beside God right now. I can’t waite to here from you and see what your doing. I can remember your preaching on this. You are can’t put it in words what i want to say. Just love you to the moon and back and some. Your Granny


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