Just an update – I got my International License!!! I’m so excited for when I return to Thailand in June, I’ll be able to drive around town and won’t have to rent a taxi everywhere I go.

I already bought a used scooter for when I get there. My friend found a used one in very good condition for $600. It wasn’t the color I wanted at all, but he does mechanic work and restored it to what I wanted!

If you have heard of Bangkok’s crazy driving, then you must be questioning why I got a scooter! To put your mind at ease, I will only be driving on back alley roads. My apartment is within walking distance of the Church/School but it’s not safe enough to walk there alone at night. Being that it gets dark so early in Thailand (I teach a lot at night along with church being so late) this is definitely the safest route. Not to mention there are wild dogs on the streets.

This will also save me a ton of taxi money and making it way more convenient to get to a grocery store. Praise God!!



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