A word that I keep seeing a lot lately. A word that I’d chosen before all of this craziness started that’s called COVID-19.

I wanted to have a simple necklace that had meaning. I could choose a word from five to seven letters to put on it. There are so many different words that have special meaning to me but I chose the word “PURPOSE” because several of my favorite scripture verses have that word in it.

Acts 26:16-18 “I have appeared to you for this PURPOSE…so that they might turn from darkness to light.”

Romans 8:28 “Those who are called according to His PURPOSE.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “A time to every PURPOSE under the Heaven.”

But lately I’ve been thinking about how God made us on purpose and for a purpose.

Everything has purpose. Whether it’s for our good, the good of others, or unto the Lord it has a purpose.

I know right now we are probably all asking in someway what is even the purpose of all of this going on. It’s so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But what the enemy meant for evil, I know God can use it for our good.

I’m choosing to thank God today for several things. 1. More abortions have stopped because of this virus. 2. Families are having meals together at the dinner table. 3. I’m so thankful I didn’t get locked down and stuck in Thailand, because it’s harder to get food. 4. It’s good to have more time to pray and seek His face. 5. I’m very blessed to still have a job and people supporting me. 6. I’m thankful for His amazing grace He continues to show me daily.

These last days we are living in has made me ask important questions.

-What purpose am I living for?
-Am I living for the purpose that God has intended for me or the purpose to fit everything I want and desire into my life?
-What does our purpose look like on this earth now?

Right now I believe is the time to ask and re-evaluate how we’ve been living. What should have more meaning in our lives?

The Lord is showing me that my purpose is in not only what I do, but more of how I live it.

Sometimes it’s hard to live in what’s going on and you feel like your life is just put on hold at the moment. Trust me, I get that. I get it to where it hurts.

But this is also why Paul said that he learned in any situation to be content. For he knew what it meant to be brought low, and he knew what it meant to abound far in any and every circumstance. Paul learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, having a lot to having nothing. That’s why he finishes it off and says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things THROUGH Christ Who strengthens me.”

We were created for a purpose! That purpose has been the same throughout all of our lives. For such a time as this to reach the lost and to do our part. As Christians I pray we rise up and hold onto our faith like never before. I pray that the scales will fall off of people’s eyes and they come to know Christ. I believe the Church (meaning Christians) is being tested and tried to see what we really believe and hold onto in this life. I pray we come out stronger through this. I pray revival breaks out right now starting in our own homes and hearts.

God has called us with this purpose under Heaven – to rise and stand upon our feet so others might turn from darkness to light.

So live with a purpose to please God in everything that we say and do. I know it’s such a cliche saying…but how many of us are really applying it?

Live with the purpose to let others see Christ in you. This is why I chose that word. Purpose. Just a simple word holds so much meaning to life.

Be encouraged that He made YOU for this time to be stronger than ever before. That my friend is your purpose.

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