My Thailand Visa

I applied for my Visa today. I know with all of this going on, it seems impossible to get accepted to go into Thailand. Thailand has shut their borders as of now. They could be opened up by June though. They have slowly opened things up to the public starting today.

I know my heart is to reach the Buddhists and to share Christ’s love with them. I know without a doubt God does want me there. He wants His Word going forth, but it all has to be in His timing.

Please just keep Thailand in your prayers. My friends have sent me pictures of the streets and it’s heartbreaking to know you once walked shoulder to shoulder with people everyday because it’s so crowded, to it being a complete ghost town.

I do know that people were lining up to make sacrifices to a dead god, crying out for mercy to something that can’t even hear them. Scared for their lives, they now just pray and sacrifice in their homes daily.

I know the College students are freaking out at the moment as I’m keeping in contact with them – FaceTiming and messaging them to let them know to put their trust in God.

So right now all of this is of course in the Lord’s hands and also the Government’s – whoever’s desk my papers pass just pray they put a stamp of approval for it honestly depends what mood they are in. (Funny but also true.)

I am applying for a Volunteer Visa to volunteer at The Wisdom Foundation from June – December.

Overall, I just want to pray for guidance, wisdom, and safety through all of this. That God just leads me in what He wants me to do in this situation. I will go when He says go. I will stay when He says stay.

Thank you all ❤️

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