This is Mr. Jay, an amazing talented artist who painted my cover for me! I worked with Mr. Jay at Hobby Lobby for five years and he was in charge of the custom framing department. He always did such amazing work on his frames and seriously has a gift in painting. He has even illustrated children’s books in the series called, “The Woodland Elves.”

When the thought first came to me of having my blogs into a book form, my mind went immediately to the cover. I mean that’s just who I am – always wanting to design something! So I wanted it to be special and this cover is very meaningful to me; more than most people would realize.

When God asked me if I would serve in Thailand for a year, it was when I was looking at a rice field so I knew I wanted that a little far off into the distance. Those little huts are literally everywhere in the jungle and so I wanted one on the cover as well.

To the right of the cover, that is called a Buddha Shrine. They are on just about every street corner in Bangkok. These “trap” the bad spirits from entering your home and it’s also a place to make sacrifices to Buddha.

This girl on the cover is me. I wanted her to look content and at peace knowing that wherever she does go, God will guide her steps. Also in Thailand, to some people I’m known as the girl who always wears floral. (Haha) If floral was a color that would be my favorite color. So naturally for the fun of it, I had to be wearing floral as you might can see through out the book.

The title – it didn’t come as easy. I did have it named something else and it didn’t fit the book. All I knew is that I wanted the word “GO” involved for that’s what God told me to do – GO. I just happened to be grocery shopping one night after I had another title in mind, and out of nowhere, God dropped that title into my heart and I texted my daddy. He texted back, “That’s the one.”

My blog book title is, “When God Says Go.”

It is so neat to see how God just puts it all together! I just wanted to share with you all the meaning, purpose, and character behind the painting of what covers the pages of my journey.

The book has been completed and is in the process of being printed so I’m so excited and trying to wait patiently!

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