Two Years Work Anniversary

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I can’t believe it was two years ago today that I signed the paper to become a missionary/staff for One Plus God.

Backing it up a little bit, I did an internship for two months in Thailand in 2017. This was my first trip ever with One Plus God and I got left there. (Haha) I loved it and that’s when I felt God ask me to serve Him there for a year.

Fast forwarding to August 2018, I remember walking into the board meeting with around eleven people in the room to discuss working for One Plus God. It’s mostly like an open job discussion job interview. As I sat down I knew I couldn’t join as staff and work in the states for God told me to go to Thailand for a year. So before the conversation and idea could get any deeper, I stopped them and told them I couldn’t do this. I read a scripture that God gave me that day telling me to go. I had to go to Thailand. Crying and shaking like a leaf, I was pretty shocked what I just did. Everybody else was almost just as shocked!(Haha) All I thought to myself was now I really will have to obey God and follow through. There was no turning back.

The next day, I received the call that I got the “job” to work with OPG sending me to Thailand and building the ministry/connections they had there. So I guess they liked me enough to keep me after throwing them for a loop like that! I can literally write a book here about it (oh, I guess I did) so you can read my entire blog book “When God Says Go” and it’s about what all took place in 2019 in Thailand! 😉

Now in 2020, of course I had things planned out pretty differently with OPG – traveling the world writing books and going back to teaching in Thailand. I was blessed to go to South Africa and experience that at the beginning of the year! Working stateside, I love getting to still pursue what God has called me to do. Because of COVID, things have shifted quite differently for me in the ministry including my title change to Communications Coordinator. Everything changing to more virtual was hard on me because I’m such a people person. Thankfully I have still been able to keep up with some of my students in Thailand helping them with their homework. I started writing a children’s series called, “Adventures of Opie G,” about a little meerkat who travels the world doing missions. My blog book was published which was a huge battle but all praise to God! With rebranding OPG we are also opening an online store for my canvases! Most of these pictures were taken on the mission field! I am preparing and will be going back to Thailand as soon as the borders open up. I’m praying I can get back into the universities and I can’t wait to see my students!

As a ministry in everything we do we want to – Inspire, Nurture, Connect, and Impact others with the Gospel.

I pray that in this ministry I can:
1. Inspire young people to want to serve the Lord with all of their heart.
2. Nurture and encourage them through my own walk with the Lord and His Word.
3. Connecting them to countries and missionaries to support and lift them up in prayer.
4. And that they might too will go out and make an Impact in other people’s lives showing them the love of Christ.

I’m so blessed to work with an amazing team! Thank you to Pastor Wayne who still keeps me on despite my inexperience and for Sara, Caitlyn, and Kristine who always show me grace after asking a million questions a day! Love you all so much!! Blessed to work with you all for the Kingdom of God, reaching lost souls, and helping people stay missions minded, every day, everywhere!

It has been an amazing two years with One Plus God. Looking back since 2017, I know I have grown so much myself and in the Lord. He has brought me this far and I know won’t ever leave me. I’m excited to see where the Lord takes me! I’m literally living my dream!

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