Just wanted to jump on here to give you all a little update! First of all – God is good!! And people are slow. (haha)

I think we can add to the front of every sentence now, “Because of COVID…” but I’m going to keep saying, “Because of God this is all possible and we are still here serving Him!”

Everything has been in the legal process for the past several months and as of last week, Least of These Ministries is now legalized as a non-profit organization under the State of Ohio! Praise God for this!! We are still waiting on a few things for it to be completed.

There are some great things that are happening behind the scenes!! Just to name a few:

Books are being written and illustrated.
T-shirts are being designed.
TEFL (school) is just about done.
Website is being built and it’s almost completed.
Teaching supplies are purchased and packed.

And I know I’m just listing these things in a one sentence structure, but there is always so much that goes on behind the scenes. I can’t wait to share more!! God has truly blessed me with some of the most kindhearted people on the planet that give sacrificially of themselves and their time. To God be the glory in all of it!

I do confess that a huge weakness of mine is patience. When I want something done or have an idea, I want it done that day. (Oops) But doesn’t it always seem that nothing goes fast when you want it done? (Haha) But my friends, God is never late and He is never early. He is always an on time God!! So we wait…and almost four months later we continue to wait…

Stay tuned for I hope to be launching the website soon!!

*FYI – I want to thank people for trying to donate and support me and this ministry already! It means the world to me!! I just can’t accept donations until everything is finalized. Until then, it just has to stay paused. One step at a time, and we will eventually be walking this journey together!

May God Bless you all!!

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