I’m now certified to be an International School Teacher through TEFL!!!! I got my certificate in the mail today from the UK!!

TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I’ve been working on this certificate for four months and I’m thankful to finally be done. I truly enjoyed each lesson and actually already miss it! It’s so fascinating to teach English as a foreign language because learning Thai has helped me see how I need to approach/apply/explain to students how English can work for them.

My last assignment I actually had to write a lesson plan for 60 students which included writing a newspaper article and how I would go about teaching that. I wrote on the famous musician Glenn Miller. (Does anyone know who he is?) My tutor told me not to worry about ever teaching a big class unless I plan on going to Asia. (haha) So I told him of course that’s the place I plan on going and he said to have fun with that.

I have to say your accomplishments – big or small – celebrate them. This might not seem like a big deal to other people, but to me it honestly is. I never went to college for there was nothing that interested me to want to pursue a degree. When I was over in Thailand teaching English it really brought me out of my comfort zone. Being able to build relationships with students, whether with children or university, I loved getting to help them and share the love of Jesus. There’s no greater joy in doing that!!

Now that I am TEFL certified it will open more doors. Since I am a volunteer teacher, I get to write my own curriculum, and by doing so I also use God’s Word. I already have several lessons planned and activities packed waiting to be used. Pray that as I return to Thailand, I will be able to get back into schools to build relationships, teach, and hold Bible studies on campus. Praying for lives to be changed and open to the Truth.

I thank God I passed!! I’m so excited to get back into the classroom to teach! I’m one step closer!

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  1. Congratulations my most beautiful author and now teacher, so proud of what you have achieved in your life at such a young age. love you to the moon and back.Granny and PawPaw:-)


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