Thankfully I’m the type of person that never gets bored. Meetings, yes, I do get bored in those, but I mean if I have to entertain myself I don’t have a problem. Quarantine has actually been fine. It is difficult for me that I can’t leave the room though. I have never been locked up in one place like this. Even when I had COVID, I would scoot myself up and down the stairs.

The first few days or more I slept. It took a week for me to get onto Thailand’s time zone. I have to do a temperature check twice a day and send a picture of the thermometer to the nurse at 8:00am and 3:00pm.

I do enjoy my mornings of worship, Bible reading, and prayer. It kind of lasts through the day, because He is the only one I have to talk to here anyway. The sun is up early here at 6:00am, and it gets dark at 6:00pm here as well.

I do have an ant problem in my room. Working at my table and they seriously just crawl on me and bite me for no reason. Much to my surprise, while I was eating my cereal, I realized the little ants found their way into my box. I picked out eight that I knew of in my bowl. I have so many smashes of smeared ant guts on my glass table that it’s kind of gross.

Gnats. They are annoying. Why do they even try to fly up your nose? I try to ask them if we are crowded in this huge room. They have plenty of space and freedom but they gotta be up in my business for some reason. I caught a total of 11 gnats in one sitting by just catching them in the air! I’m realizing this is my specialty and I’m going to try out for some type of competition.

Washing clothes…that’s quite a story. Yes, it’s humid here but I don’t have a fan in the bathroom. I have an AirCon unit in my room but it’s still humid. Even the pages of my books and Bible are a little damp/moist because of it. So I was given a big bowl to wash my clothes in along with some washing powder. After scrubbing, soaking, and squeezing them, I had to let them hang in the bathroom to dry. I couldn’t bring them out into the room with AirCon because there’s a sign that says if the floor gets wet, I’ll be fined 5,000 baht. So in the bathroom they stayed.

A few days go by and they are still damp. Then it happened. I woke up to a horrible stench and wondered if a mouse died in my bathroom. (Somehow there’s poop on my walls so I know they gotta be close.) Nope. It was my clothes. So I had to wash them again by hand and then blow dry them with a blow dryer that is no bigger than my hand. You also have to hold down the button. It’s like that feeling when you’re at the gas station pumping gas and the handle is broken so you have to stand there and hold it the entire time. That’s what it felt like – only I had to stand there for four hours. I had to keep taking breaks, scared it was going to over heat and due to the fact I was nervous the hotel staff could hear me wondering if I was trying to escape by heating a hole through the wall.

Overall, this quarantine hotel experience has been great. Thankful for friends who dropped off snacks as well and I was able to order a burrito one time! I fell asleep into a food coma that night! (Haha)

I’m amazed by where I am.
I got the visa. What a process.
My flights didn’t cancel. What a shock.
I got my COE! What a miracle.
I had enough funds to get here. What a blessing. God really made a way!
I’m the type of person where my mind never shuts off, but especially in quarantine. I just have to keep praising the Lord for the good in everything. He got me this far and He has never failed me yet. Whatever that may look like, I don’t know. But I’m thankful to have Jesus!

2 Replies to “Quarantine Life”

    1. Hello Sis. Barb! It has taken me awhile to get it to load to reply but I got it to work! I believe it sends this to me through email. It may or may not show up on my blog, but I don’t think people will see it. So good to hear from you! Your prayers and scriptures you have sent me through my Momma was the Lord’s perfect timing. Thank you!! Love you!


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