He leads me.

I sat there for a minute and just read that part again. “He leads me.” He truly does…

I find that worrying doesn’t do me any good nor for those even around me. Do I still do it? Umm…yes.

I never considered myself a worrier…but as I get older and my life has changed in so many ways that I didn’t expect or ask it to, I find myself worrying more and more. I don’t worry where I will go when I die. I know that I am saved and will live eternally with the Lord. So that being the most important thing, why do I still worry?

“How will this work out?”
“What happens if that happens?”
“What will I do next if this doesn’t go through?”
“Will this actually turn out how I expect it to?” (Probably not)

I love clinging to the verse Philippians 4: 6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God.” EVERYTHING by prayer. It ALL needs to go down that road but also applying supplication is submitting it, handing it over to the Lord humbly at His feet. In my opinion that’s the hardest. It’s easy for me to pray and talk it all out to God. It’s giving Him control of my life in every situation.

I always do this though…I always look back and never once question God. During the process, yes I do. I’m always thinking, “Lord, what is going on here?” But the end result, I understand what He was doing even if I didn’t like it at the time or even honestly at the end. I love that there is always a purpose in everything the Lord does. I only question myself of why did I ever doubt? Why did I ever worry that He wouldn’t see me through when He does every. single. time.

The day before I left for Thailand, I was crying out to God in my car. Like ugly crying. It was a bright sunny day. A huge storm came out of no where while driving on 23. I couldn’t even see the car in front of me. I’ve never driven in rain so hard that it made me go under 10 mph, especially on the highway. Now crying for my life, I’m thinking I’m going to crash, drown, and die right in my home state. Look, it’s Morgan, worrying – again. But I felt like that was a pretty good excuse. I prayed louder. I panicked harder. I praised louder. And when it stopped, it seemed immediate and the sun came out like nothing happened. I knew God was speaking to me.

Storms come and go – all the time. No matter how much I worry, doubt, or panic it doesn’t change the storm. But it’s through the storm that He is changing me to let Him lead me through it. I need to hold on and let Him lead me. He will do it again and again if I let Him.

“He leads me.” Psalm 23. Words so simple yet so deep. Let Him do it, my friend and don’t worry about tomorrow. (Matthew 6:25 – Another scripture I need to apply to my life.) Pray and submit, then He can.

*Also check out these cool coffee packets!! [Caramel Biscuit from Nescafé] I make it hot, put it in the fridge overnight, and in the morning add ice and caramel syrup. I know. So fancy. (Haha)

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