Tell me if you do this back home in America. You might be guilty if after wearing your clothes you throw them on a chair or a special corner of your room to wear again within the week because they aren’t “dirty enough” to throw in the laundry basket but yet not clean enough to go back into the closest. Am I right? Or am I the only one that does that? (Haha)

That’s a definite no in Thailand. It’s so hot here that at the end of the day you’re questioning whether you put your clothes on coming straight out of the washer or put them on after it rained because they feel damp. You cannot have that “special pile” on the floor. (Sigh)

I do laundry once a week. There is a laundromat that is within walking distance which I’m so grateful for! It’s not a bad walk but when you’re carrying a big basket full of clothes it can get heavy pretty quick, especially walking back when the clothes are wet. One time I dropped the basket on my leg and it actually took a gash out and it left a pretty good size scar on my leg. Another time my clothes landed in the street and that was a little embarrassing and scary trying to quickly pick those up. I have so many bruises on my arms from trying to carry that thing that it looks like someone beat me. Plus my back hurts and all I can say is that’s not normal for it to hurt like that. (Haha)

It costs almost 200 baht in Thai money to do laundry each time which is around $6 in USD.

I actually enjoy laundry. It gives me a little break when the clothes are washing to have a little bit of me time – read a book and eat a snack. It’s the carrying part that I don’t like so I had to do something about it. I ordered a mini portable dolly. It’s so cool! It’s a little hard to use because the roads and sidewalks aren’t even AT ALL but it beats carrying that basket back and forth any day.

When I get back to my apartment I have a metal clothes line outside on my little balcony that I hang all my clothes on. I do pay to dry my towels there because they get to be too heavy on the clothes line.

So this was just a little peek into my everyday life here in Bangkok! Soon I’ll share the driving part. (Haha)

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