This is my first Christmas away from home.

I have to say it’s something I wasn’t looking forward to at all. A lot of tears have been shed. A lot. Christmas is a time to spend with family, giving gifts, jamming to Christmas music, and bundled up going to see the Christmas lights with your closest friends.

Christmas in Bangkok is not like that. I’m not bundled up wearing my favorite sweaters, hats, and boots. I’m trying to find pants with the thin material to teach in so obviously it’s not a white Christmas. I have to say weather can help put you in the Christmas spirit because sweating and singing “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” doesn’t cut it for me.

I did have fun gift wrapping for teachers and people at church! I have a mini tree that’s a couple of feet tall in my apartment which I’m surprised my cat, NaaRak, has not yet destroyed. I brought a ton of decorations with me to give to the church so I kept a few to spruce up my apartment plus my momma mailed me a few.

I’m also in a country where Christmas isn’t really celebrated. New Year is actually twice as big in Bangkok and they put up Christmas decor calling it New Year decor. I had my Friday night students over and gave them their first Christmas party by baking cookies, singing Christmas songs, giving them stockings, and Bibles to read the Christmas story together.

My little students from school got an entire Christmas week from me since I’m an American teacher and do happen to celebrate this holiday. We painted the nativity, read all about the birth of Jesus, and made baby in a manger ornaments along with a million other Christmas activities.

It’s hard not being home but it makes me realize that this isn’t our home at all. It isn’t even Jesus’ home. He came down here for us and we are just waiting to go back up with Him.

So powerful He came for all.

For every tongue and tribe.

No matter what they celebrate, no matter who they worship, every single person will know why this baby boy was born in a manger, a stable not fit for a King.

He was born in a place not fit for Him just like our hearts will never be, yet He came and there He lives.

Just imagining what people sensed in the air that night as the sky was so lit with a mysterious star.

Just imagining the hope in the shepherds’ eyes as they didn’t feel adequate.

Just imagining what Mary felt as she birthed hope to every heart and soul.

Just imagining what Joseph felt wondering if he could ever lead his son while his son leads the world.

Just imagining the wisemen’s eyes full of humility as they saw the King of Kings.

Just imagining the first Christmas night so calm from the presence of the Holy One.

Just imagining Baby Jesus coming down for me to live, and die, and make my heart clean.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. We have the greatest gift of all – and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas to you all ❤️

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