This is the Year of the Tiger! Honestly I don’t do any astrology signs nor believe in horoscopes, superstitions or fortune telling so I had no idea what the “Year of the Tiger” meant.

It actually is a zodiac sign. There are many different animals that represent each birth year. Apparently I am the “Year of the Pig.” That’s what my friends say anyway. It’s quite fitting since I love bacon. They say that whatever animal you are, you will relate to pick up on that animal’s behavior in your life. This is hilarious since I just said I was the “Year of the Pig.” Guys, this stuff isn’t real ok! But I am cracking myself up.

The only thing I can relate it to is in the movie “Kong Fu Panda 2” the Peacock wants his own year and declares that it’s the “Year of the Peacock!” His servant then questions if he’s sure he wants it now since it’s already the middle of the year; he would then only get half a year. Obviously the Peacock is outraged and so his servant says, “Happy New Year sir.” It cracks me up every time! You need to watch it. It’s hilarious.

Moving on. The Tiger stands for independence. You like doing things yourself before asking for help and even though you fail, you just keep trying. You love being around people but are just as equally happy getting to be at home. So that pretty much sounds like me but whatever.

I don’t hold true to my animal because apparently you’re not supposed to eat “your animal.” Unfortunately I have a sad story. I made beef tacos and served it to one of my friends. After we were done she said that was the best pork she’s ever eaten. I said oh that wasn’t pork. It’s beef. She started coughing in shock. Her animal is the cow so she doesn’t eat beef. I joked with her and said this must have not of been this cow’s year. She thought it was hilarious and now wants to eat beef but struggles with tradition and food. I honestly felt so terrible.

I researched and wondered why does China celebrate New Year on February 1st? Why not January 1st like the rest of the world? China’s New Year marks the beginning of Spring which welcomes in new life.

Chinese New Year is centered around removing the bad and the old, and welcoming in the good. (Almost like Thailand’s Loy Krathong Festival) They take this time though to worship their ancestors, exorcise evil spirits, and pray for a good harvest for the new year. This is not only celebrated in China but all throughout Asia for Thai people are decedents from China along with many other countries.

In China it is a huge festival of everyone wearing red or Chinese clothing, giving gifts, fireworks and dragon dances, along with spending time with family offering up sacrifices to their deceased.

The food they prepare plays a major role for it’s very symbolic to them. Two fish are cooked while one is not eaten, saving it for leftovers as a sign that their new year will be plentiful. They serve a whole chicken (or duck) to represent wholeness along with spring rolls that symbolize gold bars. The oranges resemble luck and success. These foods are then put on display to sacrificially give to their ancestors “to eat.”

I already celebrated New Years with fireworks but guys, if you didn’t stay committed to your New Year resolutions here is your second chance!

Just wanted to share a little culture with you guys so Happy Chinese New Year!

Now go eat some bacon!

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