Oh Thailand…I have been here now for nine months. No matter what, it’s a stressful adventure. But I know God is using you to prepare me for what is to come.

• This place causes me to lean more on the Lord, holding onto His grace in my darkest nights.

• This place has taught me a lot about myself; good and the bad. Victories nor failures come easy.

• This place keeps me on my knees for souls and humbled that I’m even a part of this mission serving the One True God.

• This place makes me independent as I’m alone in a foreign country but the Lord faithfully pulls me through.

• This place shows me more and more each day that it’s not my ways but His ways, and when things are out of my control I can rest in the fact that they are always in His.

I know God is taking my hard present, which will be in the past, to mold me to become who He has called me to be for the future.

Now…I’m trying to live in the moment. Somedays I’m thriving and other days I’m surviving and I’m ok with that. Even in the waiting there is working, and I’m thankful He is working in me. So here I am, Lord. Use me and mold me while I’m still at this place in Thailand for however long You wish that to be.

I have to say I miss my family like crazy and the answer is no, it doesn’t get easier the longer you’re away.

I just want to say how thankful I am for those who have supported and partnered with Least of These Ministries. Your prayers, your love, and your support mean the world to me for I wouldn’t be here without you! I cannot express that enough. We are doing this together! Teaching children, being in homes of Buddhists, Bible studies, and feeding the homeless (giving them clothes and hygiene items as well). God has been SO GOOD through it all!!

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