I’ve been here for one year. And it amazes me how much I love my life! I wouldn’t have always said that though whether in the states or in Thailand; that has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with your relationship being right with the Lord. When you’re on the right path with the right heart and everything is good between you two, it brings so much joy and peace. If I had to live in Thailand forever I would in a heartbeat. Because it’s easy? Not in the least bit. It’s just the opposite. But I love what I do – pointing people to Christ. That can be done anywhere though and I’m so thankful for God allowing me to do it here right now. I look back over this year and a lot has happened.

I have been betrayed by people I have trusted. Cheated on. Misused. Very alone. Lied to. Felt unworthy and I don’t belong. But God has taken the ashes, He has taken the hard times to create what He has intended me to be. If you don’t struggle, then how can strength arise?

I can’t help but celebrate the goodness of God!!
It has been:
1 year of Least of These Ministries International
1 year of Thailand
1 year of Feeding the Homeless
1 year of thousands of people hearing the Gospel
1 year of Teaching
1 year of so much love for my kiddos
1 year of Bible Study
1 year of learning and studying the Word
1 year of driving through Bangkok
1 year of a ministry God has blessed me to have

I always like to take this time and think about what I have learned. And the one thing that stands out to me the most is God never left me. He has always been right there, speaking to me every step of the way. I have had so many encounters that I can’t even explain if it’s truly audible or not but I know I heard Him. He is in the chaos calming me down and also in between all the mundane.

After school, I tutor a little girl and boy named Tippy and Teppe. (I want to keep these kids so bad.) Driving in Bangkok is no joke and I remember I got lost on the way to their house. I was very new to this area. I always can figure it out but this time it was pouring rain. I was dressed and prepared already in my yellow rubber ducky rain suit but it was coming down so hard that it did nothing. To say I was soaked to the bone was an understatement. By this time everything in my backpack was ruined. It made me not in a good mood on top of being soaked and late to class. As I was zig zagging through all these little alleys they call “soi” here, I was about to give up. It was already flooding and getting dangerous. I couldn’t see out of my glasses causing me to start panicking out of frustration. I felt I kept getting further and further away from where I needed to be. I stopped in the middle of the road and prayed, “Lord. In Isaiah You say I will hear a voice behind me saying turn to the right or turn to the left. Please speak to me where to turn.” I started driving and while I was driving He said turn left. I stopped and looked. It was pouring so hard I couldn’t tell that there was a soi there I’d been missing all along. I drove past it maybe 3 or 4 times. I simply couldn’t see it.

What I just lived is a perfect example of what God wants from us. That’s why I believe He made me go through this wet mess so I can apply it to my life spiritually. Stop, acknowledge we need help, ask where to go, listen to what He says, go, and He will continue to speak to you. I believe as Christians this is why we miss things in the spirit realm. It’s because we are not aware of what’s going on around us and we drive right past the road God has for us again and again. We simply do not see it because we do not ask to see it. The rain, the everyday distractions, the doubt, the fear, the frustration, the sin, it causes us to not hear what He is saying to us. And then we just continue to get further and further away from where He wants us to be. We then start to panic and feel like we are drowning when He’s right behind you wanting you to stop so He can tell you where you need to go.

I hope this story encourages you today as it just reminds me to be alert to what God is speaking to you. All we have to do is ask and listen. It’s amazing how real God is to me and I thank Him for guiding me through this life.

Thank you all for coming along side me on this journey in Least of These Ministries. Thank you for supporting me for ONE YEAR!!! May God get all the praise and glory!

Isaiah 30:21 “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”

One Reply to “ONE YEAR!”

  1. Morgan, we are blessed to have watched you as you grew up, and being best friends with our youngest daughter. you both have allowed the LORD, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, to so work in you to be the godly Christian women that you are today. We love you keep you in our prayers.
    Ralph & Gloria Newcombe


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