We are to proclaim Christ.

This is not a blog that is easy for me to write nor post. Although when I write it’s because the Lord is dealing with my heart, this time I know I have done wrong and I have to admit it. Through tears, embarrassment and disappointment, I have to offer up my sins and failures to the Lord as much as His goodness and victories He has given to me.

Living in Thailand we see and experience the culture. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t see a Buddha somewhere or a shrine with offerings already out on the table before I go to work. I daily pray for these people for God to open their eyes.

The Lord dealt with my heart that we should be proclaiming Christ. That I should be proclaiming Christ and Him alone.

Not Christ and….

Not Christ and friends.

Not Christ and football.

Not Christ and money.

Not Christ and our job.

Not Christ and feelings.

Not Christ and fashion.

Not Christ and our kids.

Not Christ and popularity.

Not Christ and culture.

Not Christ and _____.

I feel like I have failed. I know I have failed.

Loy Krathong was a few days ago. (Incase you don’t know, “Loy Krathong” is a Thai festival where they put a light in the water. People do this to pray to the river goddess to take away their wrong and welcome in the good.) I’m a teacher and we all wear a Thai uniform because it’s required. We do it on other occasions as well and I absolutely love dressing up for anything. I did Loy Krathong in 2017 knowing absolutely nothing about it. I did it in 2019 so I could research the culture. This year I did it to be with my friend.

How many times does this happen in your life without realizing it? And it just becomes easier and easier the next time.

I see on FB all the time, “Jesus ate with sinners.” But we never say, “He didn’t sin.”

We have to be careful what we get into and what we participate in as well as convince ourselves what is ok.

Jesus said to come out and be separate. Jesus ate with sinners. He didn’t sin. I know I sinned.

Paul said, “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” Romans 7:15

The very thing I pray against, I did.

The Lord showed me I did this and how much the Church is doing it today. We see how close we can get to the demons instead of praying them out. We would rather just become buddies with them and call it something different.

We say like Peter, “Oh Lord I would never” but in reality we do it so many times that we don’t hear the rooster crowing anymore. Like with Peter, Satan will use that opportunity to get in.
Peter was physically with Jesus. So I ask myself, “How much closer do we need to be with Jesus to be able to stay separate? To be able to not give in to the pressures from the social life?”

It’s so easy to think…
To me the River Goddess isn’t real. It’s a bunch of lights on the water.
It’s so easy to think…
To me Halloween isn’t real. It’s just a dress up and candy day.
It’s so easy to think…
To me the Easter bunny isn’t real. It’s just a bunny that gives chocolate.
It’s so easy to think…
To me Santa isn’t real. It’s just a jolly man that gives presents.

We smile. We take pictures. We participate. We post. We laugh. We have a great time.
I know. I get it. I’ve done the same thing.

We get caught up in the moment and the activity not even realizing the spirit behind these things is actually real.

In reality – the spirit behind it is real and very demonic for it promotes everything but Christ. It turns people away from the cross.

I think of it like this. Here I am. I’m holding a light called a “Loy Krathong” and then I say I have the True Light inside of me. They see that “Loy Krathong” as truth. I know the Truth and His name is Jesus and He will make you free!

Why do I need something of this world to satisfy me when I’m proclaiming I have everything they will ever need? How does that look to a Buddhist? Or to anyone searching for the Truth?

Which one now do they think is the truth? Will others come to know Christ or will their opportunity be hindered because of what I participate in?

What ever doesn’t bring you closer to God is not of Him and it first causes distraction then division in your own life as well as others. Some people might feel I’m being a bit dramatic about the whole Loy Krathong thing and some might be completely appalled I even went. I’m sharing this to be real and raw, but as well for us to be aware of the tactics of the enemy. The most important thing is that we ask the Lord to search our own hearts.

I’m thankful for the Lord to deal with my heart, and always having the opportunity to grow. I’m trying to reach souls when I need saving myself. A good reminder His grace is for us too. And saying to others I’m sorry for not setting the godly example as I know I should.

My prayer is this: Oh Lord, Help me to have a heart like Yours. To see people how You do and why You sent Your only Son to die for them. Help me not get all wrapped in the things that distract us from You or hinders my witness to point others to the True Light. I pray we will only proclaim Your name. Break my heart for what breaks Yours. Help me not to become passive with what’s around me but to be aware it’s a war. This war is for souls.

*This post is to by no means be disrespectful to my friends at Loy Krathong. This message is for me as a Christian and everyone must take it personally to the Lord. I pray for everyone to know Jesus 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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