“I Am FREE” English Camp 2019

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“I Am FREE” English Camp 2019

There is so much to say about this camp I don’t even know where to begin! So there might be several blogs about this!

The morning of March 1st, we went to Mini Siam which was a place of miniature sculptures from places around the world. It was amazing! And I almost died from the heat. (No joke.) I don’t think I’ve ever been that hot before. I kept telling the students I was dying but they kept just kept laughing at me. Haha I say it’s a miracle I’m alive!

They had a really cool statue of Pharaohs from Egypt. I’ve always wanted to go there because for some reason I’ve always been fascinated with the History. So I got to “visit” for only 300 baht! Such a bargain. I’m sure it’s just as hot there so I’m checking it off my bucket list. #TravelForCheap

The students had to make presentations in English about traveling to the places they chose, and I was quite impressed on how hard all the teams worked together. It was great bonding and “get to know each other” time before we got into serious discussions that evening.

Pictured is “Christ The Redeemer” Statue by Albert Caquot, Gheorghe Leonida, Heitor da Silva Costa, and Paul Landowski. It’s located in Brazil.

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