New Queen for Thailand

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New Queen for Thailand

Thailand has just announced the Thai King, Maha Vajiralongkorn, has married and made Suthida Vajiralongkorn na Ayudhya his Queen.

“This was a surprise move,” CNN says, “for it’s just days before the King’s own coronation.” The King is to be crowned the 10th Monarch of the Chakri dynasty in an elaborate three-day celebration starting this Saturday. It will be the first coronation since his late Father’s which was seventy years ago.

Suthida, now Queen, was promoted to ‘General’ in 2017. She was the King’s consort and personal flight attendant for many years. This will now be his fourth marriage.

As you see in this picture, the bride is bowing down to the King along with all the other consorts. According to Thai tradition, the ruling Monarch is seen as “god-like” and “semi-divine”, and is revered as such among his subjects. Therefore the King must always be sitting higher as everyone should be lower than his feet. In that case, the bride-to-be will crawl on her hands and feet until He invites her to take her position next to him. This shows great respect and hopefully begins a Happily Ever After.

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